A Major Upgrade On DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Is Being Launched

Since DFL-DE data recovery tool was released in September 7th, 2012, it has gained a wide range of popularity and we are right now planning a major upgrade on this data recovery tool to make it a more productive and cost-effective data recovery equipment.

From the very beginning of the birth of DFL-DE data recovery tool, we have opened the channel for clients and users to submit new features on this tool and until now it has been 2 months we’ve collected features on the first and second version of DFL-DE data recovery tool.

Right now, we just finished the upgrade of our DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and one of our major tasks this month within Novermber is upgrading DFL-DE data recovery tool. We will have some very important and powerful functions within this upgrade:

  1. More file systems will be added to support;
  2. Enable the channel of USB hdd imaging and file recovery;
  3. More hdd decryption solutions to more hdd brands;
  4. More options at higher efficiency and success rate to search and find the wanted files;
  5. More options to image different hdds with different health situations;
  6. More diagnosing technologies and reports to add to DFL-DE;
  7. Full imaging realtime status bar with file counters, hex view, reports, etc;
  8. More selective head image support and higher image success rate;
  9. More solutions to common hdd failures will be added such as LED error for Seagate 5400.6 and 7200.4; Toshiba G-list damage, more hdd busy problems, etc;
  10. Configurable multiple-pass imaging options.

All users of DFL-DE or DFL-WDII or potential clients of DFL data recovery products can keep submitting new features to us and we will seriously take all suggestions and requests into consideration and work on all the possibilities.

If users are interested in DFL-DE data recovery tool or DFL-WDII hdd repair tool or a combination of both data recovery tools, users can email to sales@dolphindatalab.com or visit our online data recovery shopping center.