DFL-WDII Version 2.4, Newer Height In WD HDD Repair & Data Recovery

Within the new version-version 2.4 of DFL-WDII hdd repair tool,we have added many unique and powerful hdd repair and data recovery functions as below and users are now able to further enhance their data recovery capabilities with DFL-WDII:

1, The solution to regenerate ROM for PCB1640 and some Newer series is added to version 2.4;
2, For PCB 1692, 1698 and some newer Series, it’s not possible to load ATA module before and then it’s not possible to read the SA or read tracks, but now within DFL-WDII version 2.4, users can load 13 and then load ATA module successfully to fix these kind of damaged WD hard drives;
3, Module DIR loading and automatic searching function are added to fix many undetected WD hdds at a higher success rate;
(Above three data recovery solutions are our unique and powerful data recovery functions added)
4, Head map editing in RAM is added;
5, Sector wiping is added;
6, Cutting Bad Zone for Marvell L series is added;
7, Formatting portable hdds is added;
8, Restoring SFLOG is added;
9, When formatting the SA, users can select the corresponding tracks to format;
10, Manually deleting the defects is added;
11, New families of EUREUROPA,HELIOS,SADLE_2D,SHASTA_3D, etc are added to support;
12, Bad sector scanned result saving and loading functions are added;
13, Operation of loading the existing log of scanning and adding defects to defects list;
14, Manully editing the name of file folders within the firmware saving path is added;
15, Automatic ticking the tracks which contain the firmware modules when reading tracks is added and users can save time to backup many vacant tracks;
16, Manually adding defects is added;
17, Default Setting of Reading tracks, ROM and firmware modules is added to the right click menu;
18, User defined scripts-DFS is added for experienced users;
19, More ARCO optimization processes are added like ARCO 70, ARCO 80;
20, The ID of clearing DFLOG is changed;
21, The working directory setting interface is changed;
22, The firmware read/write path will be remembered and when you select and use the next time, it will lead you directly there;
23, To rename the bad modules is added and bad modules are named as badmodules.err;
24, The way of ROM R/W is changed and users can r/w main ROM and ROM modules in two different menus;
25, As for ROM deep testing, users can select the ROM to test if it’s compatible;
26, The way of naming the main ROM is changed to: model+SN;
27, The last sector error of the main ROM is fixed;
28, IDE HDD scan with full red blocks is fixed (IDE HDD with lower capacity of less 80GB);
29, Error in editing the capacity of 2TB HDD is fixed;
30, Error of incomplete display of DFL-program in some very old PC screen is fixed.

We are at the final stage of testing the English program and at the same time we are receiving the feedback of the Chinese version 2.4 and we will make sure the DFL-WDII English version works perfectly before releasing this new version.

To learn more about DFL-WDII hdd repair tool or to learn more about this new version 2.4, users can email to us at sales@dolphindatalab.com or users can buy DFL-WDII hdd repair tool directly here.