Within DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool, users get one very helpful firmware repair function: to extract firmware modules from SA region.

To read Western Digital hard drive firmware modules, the firmware repair software usually needs to read module directory(module map) and then read other firmware modules according to module directory. But when the module directory is located on bad sectors or corrupted, the module list is empty and firmware modules couldn’t be read. At this time, users usually find donor rom and loaders of the same microcode to write to patient hdd to access the firmware area or try hot swap method to access firmware modules.

After users have this function to extract firmware modules from SA region, users just need to load loaders to undetected patient hard drives and then read SA region copy 0 or copy 1 and then the software can extract the modules easily and automatically.

For undetected hard drives, only if users get the patient hdd firmware modules, specially key modules, firmware repair will become easier. For example, users can write donor rom and fw to get patient hdds detected and then write patient key firmware modules to access the data area properly.

After firmware repair, users can use DFL-DDP data recovery software to recover lost data.

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This is one successful Western Digital hard drive data recovery case study shared by one DFL user in India. The patient drive had head failure, kept busy and had no access to data area at all.

Patient HDD ID:

PCB: 1640 series

To recover lost data from head damaged hard drives, the very first step is to find one donor hdd with donor heads, users usually check the model and pcb number and sometimes, the DCM is to be checked as well.

After finding the donor hdd, users need to open the patient drive in clean room environment and swap the heads.

Next users need to enter the DFL WD hdd firmware repair software and backup the rom and important firmware modules including the 03, loaders, 31, 36, 40, 49, 4A.

Next users can test the firmware modules and find out which modules are damaged and then repair the damaged firmware modules. In most wd traditional hard drives, we need to run the slow fix.

Next we can use DFL-DDP data recovery software to set up disk image project, set up head map, image good heads and then weak heads.

Finally we can extract lost data from the image file or target drive.

Head Replacement Tools, HDD Repair Tools, Data Recovery Equipment required in above case study:

Hard Drive Ramp Toolkit Pro.
DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP Data recovery tool

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G3(Generation 3) WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro. is created to make WD SMR USB HDD data recovery easier and more successful. After using this 800067 G3 adapter, users can easily work on the 800067 USB hdd by SATA interface without the SED headache.

G3 WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro. contains the following items:

01: 800067 USB to SATA connector;
02: USB Type-C Cable;
03: Software to read/write 800067 USB HDD rom and adjust SATA data signals.

Wow Features of G3 WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro.

01: Super easy to install this G3 SATA adapter to the 800067 USB PCB;
02: Independent simple software to read rom, write rom directly without using flash programmer;
03: Buffer chip used and users can use the given simple software to adjust the SATA data signals to make firmware operations, disk image and file extraction faster and make data transfer more stable, this makes it possible to bypass the capacitors removal;
04: Power stabilizator is used;
05: ESD protection is adopted.

Steps to use G3 WD SMR HDD 800067 USB-SATA Data Recovery Adapter Pro.

01: Install 800067 G3 SATA adapter;
02: Read original 800067 ROM with G3 adapter software;
03: Generate unlock rom by DFL-WD firmware repair tool;
04: Write unlock rom with G3 adapter software;
05: Disable 411 and backup firmware modules, specially module 190;
06: Test firmware modules and repair corrupted firmware modules;
07: Image patient drive or extract lost data directly.

Users can order this Super Version of WD SMR 800067 USB-SATA HDD Data Recovery Adapter here.

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This is one successful WD hdd firmware repair and data recovery case study for one DFL user from Bangladesh and all lost data was recovered by DFL-PCIe data recovery hardware tool.

HDD Model ID: WD20NMVW-11W68S0
PCB number: 2060-771801

Failure symptoms:

External hdd was not detected by pc
Data was not accessed

The user converted the USB PCB to SATA PCB(771823) and then connected to DFL PCIe data recovery hardware for diagnosis.

DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool was firstly used to diagnose the firmware corruption issue and the common slow firmware issue was detected and this issue was fixed by one click.

Next DFL-DDP data recovery equipment was used to set up one disk image project and auto decryption function was used to decrypt the data. Finally all lost partitions and files were recovered.


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Dolphin team is going to release the new software upgrade for the DFL WD HDD auto repair tool, this is one major software upgrade.

Within this software upgrade, users will get the most commonly used functions except the auto repair, such as reset smart, edit ID, format with P-list, etc. Read more

To recover lost data from Western Digital hard drives is not one easy data recovery case, cause’ in many situations, both the ROM and firmware modules cannot be read at all.

The following is one remote support case study for one Dolphin user in Iran. Read more

Dolphin team has released the new western digital firmware repair software upgrade with new functions based on Dolphin users’ feedback. These new firmware repair functions help to deal with some difficult faulty drives after head swap or fail to fix with standard repair methods. Read more

DFL-WD Auto is one famous WD HDD Auto repair tool from Dolphin Data Lab. It is one WD hdd repair hardware with windows-based software. It’s super easy to use and understand, users can see full operations and logs online and can see how the hdd is repaired step by step by the program.

Users just need to have simple clicks to start the repair. Read more

Dolphin new software upgrade for WD HDD auto repair tool has been available and users can ask for one download link to try the new. Within this program, Dolphin team added one new data mode to run auto arco to adjust the physical parameters and then the hdds will be fully detected, after this, users can write the original data recovery firmware modules and then get the data back.

This new WD hdd repair program has contained many new WD hdd families and PCB series to be supported. What are the new support list for WD hdd auto repair tool: Read more

WD HDD Auto Repair is one very famous hdd repair tool from Dolphin Data Lab but most people use it for hdd refurbishing purpose to remove bad sectors and clear smart. This article will introduce how to use this tool for data recovery purpose. Read more