How to Extract Firmware Modules from SA Region Automatically


Within DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool, users get one very helpful firmware repair function: to extract firmware modules from SA region.

To read Western Digital hard drive firmware modules, the firmware repair software usually needs to read module directory(module map) and then read other firmware modules according to module directory. But when the module directory is located on bad sectors or corrupted, the module list is empty and firmware modules couldn’t be read. At this time, users usually find donor rom and loaders of the same microcode to write to patient hdd to access the firmware area or try hot swap method to access firmware modules.

After users have this function to extract firmware modules from SA region, users just need to load loaders to undetected patient hard drives and then read SA region copy 0 or copy 1 and then the software can extract the modules easily and automatically.

For undetected hard drives, only if users get the patient hdd firmware modules, specially key modules, firmware repair will become easier. For example, users can write donor rom and fw to get patient hdds detected and then write patient key firmware modules to access the data area properly.

After firmware repair, users can use DFL-DDP data recovery software to recover lost data.

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