How To Fix PCB Burnt WD Hard Drives-New WD HDD Repair Solution


PCB burnt is another most common WD hdd failures and many data recovery engineers are trying to find a donor PCB from a donor drive and swap the PCB directly. Unfortunately a simple direct PCB mostly doesn’t work for PCB burnt WD drives. It’s because of the poor ROM compatibility of the WD PCB, as for the ROM on each WD drive, even if the drive has the same model and you may think you have already found one donor drive and after you swap the PCB, you may still fail to restore the patient drive and the drive is still undetected.

Our new WD hdd repair tool has one new hdd repair function-Regenerate ROM. With this new hdd repair feature, data recovery engineers can no longer worry about this problem. They don’t need to search for a donor ROM matched PCB to swap again and again and all they need to do is to press a simple button to regenerate the original ROM of L-shaped WD PCB and ROYL WD HDD PCB.

So with this new hdd repair feature, DFL-WDII has become the best WD hdd repair tool for WD drives with burnt PCB.

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