Functions And Methods DFL-WDII Offers To Get The HDDs Ready For Repairing Or Recovery


DFL-WD II hdd repair tool is so far the most powerful WD firmware repair  and password removal tool with the most comprehensive  functions and technologies to get one WD HDD ready and recognized for hdd repair and data recovery purpose.

With DFL tools, users have the following main options to fix the HDDs and get them ready for recovery. Users need to be very clear about these methods and it’s the best you can practice with these methods and we believe you will fall in love with the tools.

  1. To regenerate the original good module for the damaged module;
  2. To use donor modules from donor resources with the same microcode;
  3. To edit the module parameters to be compatible;
  4. To edit head map to have the hdd working for recovery purpose;
  5. To edit head adaptive parameters to get the hdd ready for recovery purpose;
  6. To edit DIR starting address or to shift the bad modules to vacant tracks to get the hdd;
  7. To write common repair fw and write data recovery key modules for data recovery;
  8. To regenerate ROM or write ROM with the same microcode or perform hot swap to get the hdd ready;
  9. To repair the hdds by scripts and commands. We’ve offered in our forum some repair scripts like bad sector repair, selfscan repair, etc;
  10. To cut bad zones, disable bad heads, convert LAB to CHS, etc.

So we all can see DFL-WDII and DE are offered very comprehensive and powerful functions and for experienced engineers, they will feel these hdd repair and data recovery tools magic to create wonders.