Breakthrough Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery Technology

Dolphin Data Lab has recently worked out one unique data recovery technology for new western digital hard drives such as the WD PCB1698 series, 17XX, 18XX and 19XX series, that’s the 5c loading technology. With 5c loading, users can fix these new western digital hard drives with much higher efficiency and success rate.

We have explained the traditional data recovery methods in one previous article: How To Fix WD PCB1698 and newer HDDs For Data Recovery Purpose With DFL-WD II HDD Repair Tool, within that article, we explained three methods to recover lost data from western digital hard drives:

  • Method 1: When the new western digital hard drives have module 13, users can load module 13 and then load module 11 to access the SA;
  • Method 2: When the new western digital hard drives don’t have module 13, users can use the Dolphin customized universal ROM and loader to access SA, but to use this method, users have some potential risks, users need to check the ROM length of the patient and the universal ROM. It’s the best users have the high-speed flash programmer so that users can flash back the new ROM contents when the PCB is dead;
  • Method 3: To perform hot swap by finding one donor hard drive to access the SA, this increases the cost of time and donor hard drives.

Now with the new 5c loading technology, users are able to greatly enhance their data recovery efficiency and success rate. Users just need to load 5c and then load module 11 and then users are able to access the SA and operation on the firmware modules.

So when the drives have module 13, users can load the 13, otherwise, users can load 5c, if 13 and 5c are both not there, users can load 11 directly.

Users can watch the video introductions here:

With this technology, users can now maximize their data recovery success rate of handling the new western digital hard drives. Not only on data recovery cases, but the 5C loading technology can be used to refurbish these new hard drives too. When users try to refurbish hard drives, it’s not good to invest in donor drives for hot swap, so 5c loading is very important and helpful to go with.

Any question is welcome on our DFL-FRP for WD (Latest hardware of DFL-WDII) which is able to work on two western digital hard drives at the same time. Users can email to us by for any questions.