Dolphin team has released the new western digital firmware repair software upgrade with new functions based on Dolphin users’ feedback. These new firmware repair functions help to deal with some difficult faulty drives after head swap or fail to fix with standard repair methods. Read more

WD 1640 Series Firmware are Uploaded to DFL Firmware Resources Center

In order to improve the success rate of hdd refurbishing and data recovery, Dolphin team are constantly preparing new firmware resources and upload them to the FTP resources center, and then all the users can directly download the firmware to fix the firmware failure cases. Read more

Dolphin team has worked on the WD enterprise class hard drives these days and worked out some new solutions to fix these drives such as WD2003FYPS-27Y2B0 drives, etc. This drive belongs to DF4PL_RE family.

With the existing WD firmware repair tool and solutions, the hard drive firmware modules cannot be listed and it becomes empty and the whole SA is locked. Within the new version of 2.66, users see the following changes: Read more

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working out new functions for all our firmware repair and data recovery tools and today we are releasing this new version of setup program for our Western Digital hard drive firmware repair and password removal tool.

The latest version of WD firmware repair tool:

DFL-FRP for WD V2.61 and DFL-WDII V2.61 Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has invited some experienced users to test our new version of our western digital hard drive firmware repair tools including both the DFL-FRP for WD hardware and DFL-WDII hardware.

Now the new version of V2.59 is available for all our users to get for free from our user-only forum. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has recently worked out one unique data recovery technology for new western digital hard drives such as the WD PCB1698 series, 17XX, 18XX and 19XX series, that’s the 5c loading technology. With 5c loading, users can fix these new western digital hard drives with much higher efficiency and success rate.

We have explained the traditional data recovery methods in one previous article: How To Fix WD PCB1698 and newer HDDs For Data Recovery Purpose With DFL-WD II HDD Repair Tool, within that article, we explained three methods to recover lost data from western digital hard drives: Read more