Dolphin New Western Digital Firmware Repair Software Upgrade June 2017

Dolphin team has released the new western digital firmware repair software upgrade with new functions based on Dolphin users’ feedback. These new firmware repair functions help to deal with some difficult faulty drives after head swap or fail to fix with standard repair methods.

Dolphin DFL-WD hdd repair tool has been used by worldwide engineers for long in the market, it has almost all firmware repair options for all kind of cases and within this tool, there’re many quick WD hdd repair solutions.

The following are the new update features for this tool:

1, Read/write modules in RAM;
2, Edit HDD ID in RAM;
3, Edit module size in RAM, sometimes, due to bad sectors in SA, some modules with big size cannot be written, at this time we can try to decrease the size to write;
4, Fix slow initialization in RAM, very important;
5, Load module map in RAM is added;
6, Load translator in RAM is added;
7, Head map editing in RAM has been greatly improved;
8, Restore USB Key for USB hdd decryption is added;
9, Initialize 02 module is added;
10, Initialize 40 module is added.

More and more new firmware repair functions are coming soon.

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