Latest Samsung HDD Common Firmware Repair Solutions within DFL-DDP Data Recovery Equipment


The following are all the Samsung common firmware repair solutions within DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

01: LED 1AXX Fix;
02: Clear A-list;
03: Reset Smart;
04: Remove Password;
05: Soft Reset (COM);
06: Hard Reset (COM);

As for Samsung hard drives, the firmware is not easy to get damaged, the most common Samsung failures are PCB damage, rom damage and head damage.

Besides above common firmware repair solutions, users can also mount drives, set password to protect drives, image faulty drives with bad sectors or weak heads, extract lost data directly, etc. Within DDP, users can also get Raid recovery addon and also fragment recovery addon.

If users wish to fix more complicated firmware corrupted cases, users need then DFL firmware repair tools together with DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

Latest DFL all-in-one data recovery software version: V20230208 and users can get this one from Dolphin user-only forum or from the sales representative.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

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