WD20NMVW-11W68S0 2060-771801 WD HDD Repair and Data Recovery


This is one successful WD hdd firmware repair and data recovery case study for one DFL user from Bangladesh and all lost data was recovered by DFL-PCIe data recovery hardware tool.

HDD Model ID: WD20NMVW-11W68S0
PCB number: 2060-771801

Failure symptoms:

External hdd was not detected by pc
Data was not accessed

The user converted the USB PCB to SATA PCB(771823) and then connected to DFL PCIe data recovery hardware for diagnosis.

DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool was firstly used to diagnose the firmware corruption issue and the common slow firmware issue was detected and this issue was fixed by one click.

Next DFL-DDP data recovery equipment was used to set up one disk image project and auto decryption function was used to decrypt the data. Finally all lost partitions and files were recovered.


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