HDD Repair Tips Of DFL-WDII Common FW and ROM Repair


Within the new version of DFL-WDII HDD firmware repair tool, we added Common FW and ROM Repair function. This function is used to write the common firmware resources offered by DFL. Please do note that if you write other firmware resources with this function, you may cause severe damage to the HDD.

‘Common FW and ROM Repair’ is one hdd repair function and therefore you should avoid it using this function for data recovery, using this function may destroy the data permanently if you don’t have one original fw backup. If you want to write FW resources acquired elsewhere, you need to use normal fw write process instead of common FW and ROM repair function.

Steps To Write the Common ROM and Firmware Offered by DFL

  1. Steps to Write ROM: Firmware Operations–>Write Common FW and ROM->Write ROM
  2. Steps to Write FW Modules: Firmware Operations->Write Common FW and ROM->Write Modules

Steps to Write FW Resources From Other Channels

  1. Steps to Write ROM: ROM Operations->Write ROM
  2. Steps to Write FW Modules: FW Operations->Write FW modules

This hdd repair feature-Common FW and ROM repair is available within and after version 2.3.5 of DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool.