Special HDD Repair Tips for Common FW and ROM Repair

DFL-WDII ‘Common FW and ROM Repair’ is one advanced hdd repair function for advanced users and we are here offering some general steps or ideas to run it.

When you are facing detailed hdd repair cases, you need to consider more and make best use of the common FW and ROM repair resources we offer on our website.

‘Common FW and ROM Repair’ Tips

Before you read the following instruction, it’s important to read this basic hdd repair steps with this function. The following are two situations to be used with ‘Common FW and ROM Repair’ function.

  • If undetected->Load Overlay/load ATA module->Format the firmware area->Load OVL->Write New DIR module/Module 01->Write Full Firmware Modules->Selftest
  • If detected->Write ROM>Restart the HDD->Write New DIR Module/Module 01->Power Off and Power On->Write Full FW Modules->Selftest