Data Recovery from Hard drives with Bad Sectors in SA Firmware Area

Firmware has two parts: one part of firmware is located on the PCB and the other part of firmware is located on the hard drive platters. When hard drive firmware is corrupted, the hard drive is usually not detected, or wrongly detected or 0 capacity detected. To fix the firmware corruption, users need to read, edit and write the firmware modules. However, when the hard drives have bad sectors in the SA firmware area, the firmware modules cannot be read or written, what to do?

Many engineers have these kind of data recovery cases and they may not know clearly how to fix these kind of failures or they may not have any kind of solutions to fix the SA bad sectors and get lost data back.

So what to do when the hard drives have bad sectors in SA? Dolphin firmware repair tools offer the following tips and solutions to all data recovery engineers:

1, Users need to find out key data recovery modules for each hdd brand, not all firmware modules are necessary, the key data recovery modules may not be on the bad sectors, Dolphin team have detailed description on manuals on this one;
2, Users need to read/write firmware modules on different head copy, copy 0 may have bad sectors, copy 1 can be accessible;
3, Users can try shift the modules to one different vacant tracks and see if the modules can be read/written;
4, Users can read/write the firmware modules in the RAM or fix the firmware corruptions in the RAM, Dolphin data recovery tools offer many easy to use firmware repair functions in the RAM;
5, Users can try to edit the module size to read and write the firmware modules, this one is very helpful when some key data recovery modules are located on the service area. Dolphin firmware repair tools offer easy to use functions to change the module size;
6, Users can try how swap to read/write the firmware modules and recover hdd cases with bad sectors in SA;
7, Users can try head swap or heads clean to read/write the firmware modules.

After users have dolphin data recovery tools, users can be more successful in dealing with hard drives of all hdd brands with bad sectors in service area.

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