HDD Head Read-only Data Recovery Solution

Dolphin data recovery tools offers a series of firmware repair and data recovery solutions for logical, firmware to physical data recovery cases. Among all these solutions, one of the typical physical data recovery case is head read-only cases.

The head read-only cases have not only the physical issue, it has also usually firmware issue. There’re two solutions to recover lost data from head read-only data recovery cases. One is to swap the read-only heads with Dolphin physical head platter swap and clean suite and head swap tools and the other is to fix the firmware damage in RAM without power off and then go to Dolphin DDP data recovery software to image the drive or extract the files directly.

Recently, Dolphin team has improved or added many firmware repair functions within the RAM.

For WD, users can read/write the modules in the RAM, can repair the common slow problem in the RAM, can load translators in the RAM, can edit the module size in the RAM, can edit head map in RAM, etc;
For Seagate, users can use auto head map edit in RAM, can edit ID in RAM, etc;
For Hitachi, users can use auto translator in RAM;
For Toshiba, users can use auto translator in RAM.

Dolphin team are adding more RAM operations for all hard drive brands for complete head read-only solutions.

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