How To Fix Undetected WD HDD With DFL-WD II HDD Repair Tool


Before we start to repair the damaged WD HDD, we need to have the donor firmware ready and we need to backup all the possible original firmware modules, especially some important modules which are closely connected to the data.

You can view in the forum to see which modules are affecting the data and they must be kept original. If one of these important modules are damaged, you may use our DFL-WDII program to regenerate the original module or try to edit some modules to make it match for data recovery needs.Anyway, this requires the users to have some experience of module knowledge and module editing and learns how the hdd works and how different modules work.

The following drive we took to demonstrate is one drive keeping busy all the time and cannot reach readiness status. Now we need to enter kernel mode, we need to short connect E47 and ground wire and then power up the drive, if for desktop hdd, we need to
enable three jumpers simultaneously-Cable Select, SLAVE, MASTER and power up the drive.

After entering the program with Kernel mode, write one new ROM, power off and power on, enter into kernel mode, load DR(module 11), get the value of SPT and write it down and the value for this drive is 693. Power off and on and enter kernel mode. You don’t need to load LDR/module 11 again except PCB1640 series. After it, use ‘Force Loading’ function,spin up the motor.If the original drive clicked due to firmware damage and now the drive will stop clicking under the kernel mode because the FW modules are not loaded at all. Start the program, select kernel mode and the hdd family and get the hdd congen parameters, at this time, you need to change the SPT value from 500 to the previously recorded 693 and now we can format the SA area and clear all bad FW mods.

After all bad FW mods are cleared, all the problems of clicking, being busy, undetection, wrong detection etc will be gone.

Power off and power on, enter the program by normal mode and then write modules. If it’s PCB1640 series, you need to load LDR(module 11), otherwise, the SA area is not writeable. After the SA area is writeable, now let’s write module 01 and 35 first until
the module directory is read successfully. and then you can write all other modules to the HDD.

Right now, we almost fixed the undetected HDD. If you need to handle bad sectors now, you need to run selftest. If you need data at this time, you cannot run selftest and you need to write back the important modules which affect the data.

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