Seagate rosewood hard drive data recovery cases enter data recovery labs as external portable hard drives and physical data recovery is very common data recovery case with clicking noises or even scratched surfaces.

When these Seagate rosewood hdds suffer physical head or surface or motor failure, users need to find donor hard drives for head swap, platter cleaning and even platter alignment. Special donor head requirement of Seagate Rosewood hard drives is available here.

Seagate Rosewood HDD Families:

Seagate Rosewood_A5
Seagate Rosewood_8C
Seagate Rosewood_AF

To recover lost data from Seagate rosewood physically damaged hard drives, users can try the following important solutions:

1, Edit head map in ROM;
2, Edit head map in RAM;
3, Set up head map in bitmap and image by selective heads;

Required head replacement tools, firmware repair tools and data recovery equipment:

DFL-Seagate HDD Repair Tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment
Head and Platter Swap and Clean Suite
Seagate LM Slim HDD Head Comb Suite.Advanced

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Physical hard drive data recovery is usually considered as one of the most difficult data recovery cases. It requires complete knowledge of data recovery from logical, firmware and physical and needs hands on experience.

Physical hard drive data recovery cases contains the following cases: Read more

Within data recovery field, maybe only 5% believe that hard drive platters can be swapped one by one and most of them believe after removing the platters one by one, the platter alignment issue is generated and no data recovery is possible.

From now on, Dolphin team are offering advanced video data recovery solutions to fix the hard drive alignment issue and we call it motor balance issue. In case the motor balance is lost, the heads may read/write very slowly or impossible to read/write. Read more

Within all data recovery cases, physical data recovery case is one of the most common cases. To recover the lost data from hard drive, it is actually to get the data off the platters inside. Within all physical data recovery cases, platter contamination is one typical failure and to clean the platters and remove the contamination becomes very important and basic step to recover the data from such cases. Read more

Dolphin data recovery tools offers a series of firmware repair and data recovery solutions for logical, firmware to physical data recovery cases. Among all these solutions, one of the typical physical data recovery case is head read-only cases. Read more

Dolphin team has started to work with some top data recovery engineers in China and cooperated to offer scratched hard drive data recovery training courses.

Many data recovery engineers worldwide say No or simple give up to scratched hard drive cases but these kind of cases become very common and many cases are still possible to be recovered with special data recovery techs, tools and tips. Read more

Object: Data Recovery from Scratched Seagate 500DM002 Hard Drive.
Power on test: 3 Seconds’ power on test, clicking with symptom of scratches, power off immediately to avoid further damages.
Basic Status: Opened in the clean room, the scratches are visible on the outer tracks and under the microscope there are also some scratches on the inner tracks. Read more

This is one interesting case study from one French client in Shenzhen, China and this client is introduced by William Simon.

The following is the original email from the client.

“Good evening,

Recently my Seagate external memory disk had failed (it bip when I plug it, and my computer won’t read it). Of course, I had no recent backups, so I am looking for a way to recover my datas, and a friend forward m you email address. Can you give me the price of a data recovering operation ? Read more

Head and Platter Swap Tutorials

Dolphin Data Lab is offering comprehensive professional and most cost-effective head and platter swap tools and components to all clean room data recovery engineers.

Many people are asking what kind of physical head and platter swap tools to buy to work on those dead hard drives due to head damage or motor stuck and this article will give you one general idea of the head and platter swap tools Dolphin Data Lab is selling. Read more