How to Clean Hard Drive Platters and Recover Lost Data

Within all data recovery cases, physical data recovery case is one of the most common cases. To recover the lost data from hard drive, it is actually to get the data off the platters inside. Within all physical data recovery cases, platter contamination is one typical failure and to clean the platters and remove the contamination becomes very important and basic step to recover the data from such cases.

Hard drive platter contamination can be caused by the following reasons:

1, Hard drives(mainly portable drives) or laptops drops to water and the platter get contaminated;
2, Flooded hard drives;
3, Rescued hard drives or computers whose platters are contaminated but the surfaces’ magnetism is still ok;
4, Contamination generated by long time’s use, the hdd air filter becomes very dirty;
5, Contamination generated by wrong operations such as finger prints and even other kinds of malicious contamination;
6, Contamination caused by hard drive platter scratches, the magnetic powders get the platters contaminated and read/write fail, heads get damaged too.

To clean the hard drive platters, it’s not as easy as some people think: just need to open the hard drives and get the platters out and then clean them. There’re many tips and knowledge users must learn, otherwise, the platter can only be further damaged and the data will be lost permanently.

For different levels of platter contamination, the cleaning method is different. Some require dry cleaning method, some require liquid cleaning method, some require special customized cleaning tools, some require special methods to clean the platters safely and successfully.

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