How to Clean Platters if the Platters don’t Spin Without Heads

“I have HN-M500MBB and the motor does not turn without the head. How do I turn the motor without the heads in its place?”

This is one question from one Dolphin user who is already using Dolphin hard drive platter cleaning technology and this user has great success with Dolphin tech and has fixed many top physical data recovery cases.

To answer the user’s question:
Hard drive platter cleaning is not simple data recovery work, it requires special tools and special tips which were discovered by Dolphin clean room engineers with years’ experience.

Many users just use simply the clean cloth, or cotton swab or absolute alcohol to clean the platters, sometimes, it works, sometimes, this will destroy the data.

With Dolphin platter cleaning technology, users need to get the platters spining up. If the platters don’t spin up, users need to change the hdd body, put the original platters to one good hdd to clean.

If users don’t want to change the platters, users can then fix the head stack and fix the HSA contacts by screws and this way, the platter can spin up to be ready for cleaning.

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