HDD Platter Cleaning Workstation Pro. is one hardware-only equipment for data recovery purpose, it is specially designed to clean both 2.5 and 3.5-inch hard drive platters.

About the Torque Used by HDD Platter Cleaning Workstation Pro.

Compared with the HDD motor torque, HDD platter cleaning workstation Pro. Uses lower torque for platter cleaning purpose.

HDD motor can use higher torque because there’s flying height between heads and platters and it’s safe to spin the motor and get the heads to read and write properly. But for platter cleaning, it is totally different story:

When the platter surfaces are contaminated with dust, finger prints or other contamination, users must use lower torque cleaning toolkit and users cannot push hard to clean or never give too much pressure to the platter surface, any exceeded pressure on the surface contamination(dust or other particles) may cause scratches or permanent data loss. Dolphin engineers have tested a lot of motor torque options and then fixed one best working torque to spin the platter for platter cleaning purpose.

During the video instructions, users can see how our engineers are cleaning the platters properly with smart slight pressure by the cotton swab with or without absolute alcohol for the two types of cleaning cases.

HDD Platter Cleaning Workstation Pro. contains the following components:

1, Cleaning hardware workstation;
2, Platter fix nut for 2.5″ platter;
3, Platter fix nut for 3.5″ platter;
4, Power Supply AC Adapter.

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“I have HN-M500MBB and the motor does not turn without the head. How do I turn the motor without the heads in its place?”

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Within all data recovery cases, physical data recovery case is one of the most common cases. To recover the lost data from hard drive, it is actually to get the data off the platters inside. Within all physical data recovery cases, platter contamination is one typical failure and to clean the platters and remove the contamination becomes very important and basic step to recover the data from such cases. Read more