2015 New DFL-FRP For WD Firmware Repair Tool Upgrade

Great news-DFL-FRP for WD firmware repair tool has now been upgraded again to V2.63!

Within each upgrade, Dolphin Data lab will optimize the software codes, interface data and hardware combination codes to make sure the new firmware repair software works perfectly on the hardware.

Within the latest version of version of WD 2.63, Dolphin engineers have created the following changes and added new firmware repair features below:

1, PCB number display is added;
2, New families are added;
3, To Run ARCO 44 is added when the hard drives are not detected (Not all drives support this), sometimes when users try to write firmware but write failure, users can try to run ARCO 44 and then write again;
4, To view defect logs is added;
5, To view 6A,6B,69 logs is added;
6, 30 and 4F selftest are added;
7, To work on F table is added, users can edit the model and cap of each head;
8, To open and close SMART is added;
9, Users are able to view more IBI logs;
10, SA and head map detection of new WD drives are optimized;
11.18XX 19XX selftest unlock optimization.

Dolphin engineers are working hard each day and the existing firmware repair functions will be continuously strengthened and more new functions will be added too in the near future.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add our official skype: dolphin.data.lab

Cheers, all Dolphin users!