DFL-FRP For ST V1.41 Offers More New Functions On Seagate Firmware Repair

Dolphin Data Lab has further upgraded its advanced Seagate firmware repair and password removal tool and now the new version has quickly changed from V.14 to V1.41.

Within the new version 1.41, we have the following changes:

2, SYS read/write by COM/ATA;
3, More F3 common firmware resources are integrated;
4, P-list handling function is optimized;
5, More log msfs are added and optimized;
6, Software codes optimized and the program works more excellent to handle the new Seagate F3 firmware failures.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working hard on creating new firmware repair and data recovery functions for all our tools and we will release in the near future.

With Dolphin Data Lab, users get unique great success in data recovery or hdd refurbishing field.

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