FAIL Servo Op=0100 Resp=0003 or similar error messages output in the COM terminal become now more and more common error message for new Seagate F3 hard drives especially the DM series we have seen.

Mostly these error messages come with some noises or after several seconds, the hard drives spin down, this is because the SA was not read at all and above 90% cases are caused by head damage, the head 0 or head 1 is very possible to have been damaged. Read more

It’s a must to learn about the Seagate terminal messages before you work further on Seagate hard drives.

Today let’s talk about the following message:

RAP subfile error 201c
LED:000000CC FAddr:0028C7CF Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has further upgraded its advanced Seagate firmware repair and password removal tool and now the new version has quickly changed from V.14 to V1.41.

Within the new version 1.41, we have the following changes:

2, SYS read/write by COM/ATA;
3, More F3 common firmware resources are integrated; Read more