A Lot Of Bad Sectors and Weak Heads – How To Recover Lost Data


When we received this patient hard drive from client, the client told us this hard drive had been used for over four years and before it died, the pc ran very slowly and finally one day the pc couldn’t start up and the client lost his data and then brought to our data recovery lab.

When we connected the patient laptop drive of Seagate 5400.6 to our DFL-DDP, it’s amazingly detected, when we tried to scan the hard drive, we found there’re a lot of bad sectors regularly distributed on the bitmap and the engineer said it’s mostly caused by weak heads.


We tried also enter the COM terminal and check the output messages returned by the patient hard drive:

Rst 0x08M

(P) SATA Reset


RW: Error processing Performance Parameter File: 203A

Send Status: COMRESET seen

From above messages, we can find some read/write error but this usually doesn’t affect to extract the files.

Next the users went to set up a new project of file extraction and tried to list the partitions but no partitions could be found and therefore the engineer went to scan the lost partitions by forward scan, the bad news was further failure to get the partitions. Finally, the engineer changed to scan the lost partitions reversely and the good news was all the four lost partitions were found.

The engineer saved all the partitions detected by DDP and then went to the top directory of DFL Device and clicked to extend the partitions and folders within different partitions and then files within the folders.

The engineer selected the files clients wanted and recovered them with a happy ending.

Users can learn more about our DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment here.