Data Recovery From Bad Sector Hard Disk Drives

Bad sector data recovery is one of the most common data recovery cases and many new data recovery companies and engineers want to recover data successfully from these patient hard drives.

Each hard drive has its life duration and after some time’s use, the read/write capabilities will downgrade due to physical component mechanical change and head adaptive parameters will change accordingly, sometimes, this will make the read/write very slow, sometimes this will make the hard drive undetected within windows, sometimes this will cause a lot of disk bad sectors, etc.

Besides the mechanical change, the microcode firmware change is another important factor causing the bad sectors, especially the defects processing codes and the checksum error processing. Some defects and errors may not affect the data area read and write but when these errors reach a certain amount, the data area becomes unreadable in the windows.

We mainly categorize the bad sectors to logical software bad sectors or physical mechanical bad sectors. Most traditional or common data recovery software are trying to recover data from the hard drives with these bad sectors but unfortunately they cannot output pleasing result and mostly get stuck during the process. This is why data recovery hardware solutions come into being to fix the problems software cannot do on the bad sector drives.

DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment or DFL-DE USB2.0 can both handle these bad sector drives, to cope with the soft reset, hard reset, power reset, error processing handling and smart read mode switches, etc, all these are done automatically within the tools. This is why people can use these tools to get more success within bad sector disk drives.

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