VMFS Partition Bad Sector Recovery By DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool

DFL-DE data recovery tool Version 1.3 has been added with one new file system-VMFS-the VMware file system.Compared with all other disk imagers or data recovery tools which support bad sector recovery or bad sector image, DFL-DE data recovery tool is the only advanced data recovery equipment supporting bad sector recovery from partitions of VMFS file system.

VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) is a high performance clustered file system that is used by the VMware ESX hosts to store virtual machines and virtual disk files. It provides storage virtualization that is optimized for virtual machines. Each virtual machine is encapsulated in a small set of files; and VMFS is the default storage management interface for these files on physical SCSI disks and partitions.

So far in the market,most VMFS are set up based on single hard drive of SAS, SCSI or SATA hard drives or on RAID. So far, DFL-DE supports VMFS based on a single hard drive. VMware virtual machine OS enables and set up only one volumn in one hdd in default and we will later add Raid support for VMFS partition bad sector recovery and it will be more powerful.

We’re adding more file recovery and disk imaging and common hdd repair solutions to DFL-DE data recovery tool and will release this new version soon.

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