VMFS Support Features Of DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool

Dolphin Data Lab is now adding VMFS partition bad sector recovery solution to DFL-DE data recovery tool which is so far the unique data recovery equipment supporting recovering data from hdds based on VMFS partitions with bad sectors.

The following is the supporting features of our new version of DFL-DE:

DFL-DE data recovery tool has two modes to extract the VMDK files: Fast Mode, Intensive Mode. Both modes support data recovery from bad sectors of VMFS partitions.

1. Support VMFS-5;

VMFS version 5 is used by ESXi Server v5.x and vSphere (5.x). As a most noticeable feature, it introduced unified 1MB block-size (upgraded VMFS5 volumes will however inherit the VMFS3 block size value), and larger LUN-sizes than 2TB, but the maximum VMDK-file size remain at 2TB (minus 512 bytes, irrespective of the file‐system block size), same as VMFS3. Older versions of ESX/ESXi cannot read or write VMFS5 volumes. Beginning from ESXi 5.0 and VMFS5, virtual machine configuration files are stored in the VMFS5 partition by default.

2, Support single file up to 2TB;

3.VMFS5 drives with more than 100,000 files;

4. VMFS partitions up to 64TB;

5. Unicode file names in VMFS5;

6. Runs in all versions of Windows 7, 2008 R1/R2, Vista/XP.

We will keep all users of DFL-DE data recovery tool updated on the process of working on the new version 1.3. Users can email to us by sales@dolphindatalab.com to learn more about DFL-DE data recovery tool and its new upgrade.