DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Official Version 1.2 Is Now Released

DFL-DE is the latest most competitive world-class easy-to-use data recovery equipment helping those who start a data recovery business, those who are new to data recovery field, those who want to enhance their data recovery efficiency and data recovery success rate.

Based on the DFL-DE version 1.0 and version 1, We have developed DFL-DE further and now released this stable version to our international clients who are using DFL series data recovery products.

Within one month, we’ve upgraded DFL-DE twice with new disk imaging features, file recovery features and automatic hdd repair features and we’re really appreciated to those who help us by submitted new features request to us and those who help test the software functions and now, we feel lucky and proud enough to release this version 1.2.

Within DFL-DE official version 1.2, we’ve done the following:

  1. Within the file extraction interface,users can double click the files to preview the files;
  2. Within the file recovery interface,users can scan the MFT of NTFS file system;
  3. Within the file recovery interface, importing scanned records was added;
  4. Within the file recovery interface, asking whether to create a bitmap file was added, the enficiency of file recovery was improved;
  5. Within the file recovery interface, two file extraction options were added: Fast Extraction; Precise Extraction;
  6. Within the file recovery interface, options to handle repeated file names;
  7. Within the file recovery interface, amount of data and partition information display were added;
  8. Within the file recovery interface, volume label detection was added;
  9. Recovering ticked/marked files and folders was added;
  10. One bug of file extraction was fixed;
  11. Partition image steps tip was added;
  12. Image ability to handle some special HDD was added(Failed to read sectors of Seagate 5400.6 HDD with bad sectors);
  13. Within disk imaging interface, the capacity display method is modified;
  14. Within disk imaging interface, the current LBA and head location of the sectors are displayed for selective head image;
  15. Write protection enabling and disabling was added within the basic image settings.


Users can learn more about DFL-DE data recovery tool here and make a direct purchase if you have paypal account. If you don’t have a paypal account, users need to email to sales@dolphindatalab.com to ask for one invoice with our other payment methods.