Seagate 8TB ST8000AS0002-1NA17Z Data Recovery By DFL SRP USB3.0 Data Recovery Tool


This is one data recovery case offered by Dolphin Bangladesh local sales and support center, the engineer was using the DFL-SRP USB3.0 for data extraction to detect the 8TB Seagate hard drive and recover the data.

Within the SRP DE interface, the engineer could easily connect the COM cable and enter the COM terminal mode and enter the F3 T> to input commands to repair the common firmware failures.

After fixing the common firmware failures, users can scan the hard drives and found no bad sectors and then entered the file extraction interface. The engineer couldn’t list the partition directly but after the scanning the lost partitions and saved the found paritions, the folders and files were back.




According to the design of Dolphin data recovery tools, there’s no limit on the capacity of drives and users can always connect the latest hard drives with big capacities and work on the data recovery.

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