DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Selective Head Image Support List

Selective head image is one of the core imaging features of DFL-DE disk imaging module which contains full disk imaging, partition imaging, data-only imaging, sector-by-sector imaging, forward imaging, reverse imaging and fully controlled imaging.

DFL-DE data recovery tool is one comprehensive world-class data recovery equipment, disk imaging is one of the core modules among disk imaging, file extraction and automatic hdd repair.

DFL-DE selective head imaging supports a wide range of hdd brands and families and can perform and execute one fast selective head image command and success rate is high. Within the selective head imaging interface,  DFL-DE software program will display the current LBA and head number which is amazingly helpful to judge which head is damaged and then edit the head map to image the working heads for maximum data recovery.

Support list of DFL-DE data recovery tool selective head image:

Seagate HDD Selective Head Image

Seagate HDD Selective Head Image support many more seagate hdd families than other data recovery tools

Western Digital HDD Selective Head Image

Hitachi HDD Selective Head Image

Toshiba HDD Selective Head Image

Fujitsu HDD Selective Head Image

We will soon add Samsung and Maxtor HDD Selective head image too so that DFL-DE supports full HDD head selective image to help clients with maximum data recovery success.

Learn more about DFL-DE data recovery tool here. Users can email to sales@dolphindatalab.com for more details too. We’ve just released the new version of DFL-DE data recovery tool, both program and user manuals are new and upgraded.

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  1. John CLouton
    John CLouton says:

    Hi i have been using the crappy Salvationdata tools and need a change. So what is the cost and if you deliver to Australia

    • DRdolphin
      DRdolphin says:

      Dear John,

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      DFL-DE data recovery tool: USD1999 including shipping cost to Australia, we have had many clients in Australia.
      DFL-WDII: USD610 Shipping cost by DHL: USD70

      We’re having a limited time offer: Buy DFL-DE+DFL-WDII get the head combs pro for free.

      Any more question is welcome.

      Best regards
      Stanley Morgan | Technical sales manager

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