Since the new version of V1.34, Dolphin Data lab has added the selective head image support of 4kb sector sized hard drives such as the Seagate DM series-DM001, DM003, DM005, the 7200.14 hard drives and all other 4KB new hard drives.

This new support and feature makes all data recovery engineers more successful in recovering these damaged new hard drives and people will like DFL-DDP more. Read more

This article is to show the whole process of selective head image on Western Digital USB hard drives.


Capacity: 1TB
Microcode:0006000M Read more

Based on the version 1.0, DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment version 1.1 is one huge upgrade with many new disk imaging features, new file recovery features and new common hdd repair solutions.

DFL-DDP version 1.1 becomes one truly powerful and cost-effective data recovery equipment. To own one DFL-DDP sometimes beat owning several other similar data recovery tools.

Let’s check what’re new features added in DFL-DDP version 1.1?

1, To recover data by file types-raw recovery is added;
2, To image by file is added;
3, Multi-pass image is added;
4, VMFS3/VMFS4 file system support is added;
5, To enable/disable MBR is added;
6, To display the file details is added;
7, To copy LBA to clipboard is added;
8, To terminate the ID read when it takes long to read ID;
9, To skip the LBA when scanning the sectors;
10,APP/ATA backup of Seagate Baraccuda 7200.7-10, 5400.3(Default baud rate is 9600); Read more

Selective head image is one of the core imaging features of DFL-DE disk imaging module which contains full disk imaging, partition imaging, data-only imaging, sector-by-sector imaging, forward imaging, reverse imaging and fully controlled imaging.

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