How To Run WD HDD Selective Head Image


This article is to show the whole process of selective head image on Western Digital USB hard drives.


Capacity: 1TB


DFL-URE has two USB3.0 ports, I have connected the WD USB hard drive to the second USB port

Power on the USB drive and wait until it gets ready

and in the log sections, users will find Searching completes when the hdd is ready.

click disk image

create new project

select source disk-USB ATA1

next select target disk and here users can select to image to disk or image to file

Now we have entered the disk image interface

On the left side, we can find head map which is actually where we start the selective head image

click on it and users need to select the hdd brand and select the family


Now we can see the head map is being created and the selective head image command is being executed

Status is running, users can see this one.

We can check the progress bar for the process

I am actually using the USB2.0 on my PC, if it’s USB3.0 it will be much faster

head map is created successfully

Next go to settings interface

CLick Image by Head and then enable selective head image and then select the heads you want to image

For example, I select head 0 only to image

Next click Start

From the Current LBA: we can see the program is reading head 0 and bypassing other heads.
During the image, we can not only see the data on the fly, but see also the imaging speed on the bottom right side.

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