Encrypted WD USB HDD Data Recovery Steps

When users are recovering lost data from WD USB hard drives, it’s very common users meet the encryption problems. It is easier for Dolphin users because Dolphin users can use DFL-URE to recover lost data directly by USB interface even if the hard drives have bad sectors or weak heads.

But for some very faulty WD USB hard drives with firmware corruption or very weak heads or unstable heads after head swap, at this time, users need to convert the source data drive’s USB interface to SATA manually or swap with one compatible SATA PCB. However at this time, the data out of the SATA interface is encrypted. After users fix the firmware damage and ready to extract data, no data is available due to encryption. To fix the encryption problem in tradtional methods, users need to change back the original USB PCB or donor USB PCB with the same PCB number and need to write ROM or move ROM chip to donor USB PCB and then the data can be visible for data recovery. This works but a little time-consuming.

With DFL SRP new WD USB hdd recovery solutions, users are offered with the following options to fix the data encryption problem:

1, Users can use auto encryption key searching function;
2, Users can input the LBA of encryption sectors;
3, Users can load the encryption key file.

Encrypted WD USB HDD Data Recovery Steps are as below:

1, for common WD USB hdd cases with bad sectors or weak heads, users can use DFL-URE to get lost data directly without converting USB to SATA;
2, if having to convert USB to SATA, users just need to backup the original encryption key firmware modules;
3, fix the possible firmware failures, go to file extraction, auto get key or load key file;
4, refresh file tree, the data is out.