Dolphin team have added the new compatible WD SATA PCBs for the WD USB PCBs of 800041 and 800038 to the WD USB-SATA PCB Package and when users buy the WD USB-SATA PCB package, users will get all the compatible SATA PCBs for the most common USB PCBs including USB PCB 701635, 701675, 771737, 771754, 771761, 771801, 771814, 771817, 771859, 771961, 80038, 800041. Read more

When users are recovering lost data from WD USB hard drives, it’s very common users meet the encryption problems. It is easier for Dolphin users because Dolphin users can use DFL-URE to recover lost data directly by USB interface even if the hard drives have bad sectors or weak heads. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has been offering easy-to-use and complete USB portable drive data recovery solutions including USB portable hdd recovery solutions, USB flash drive recovery solutions, SD card, CF card recovery solutions, etc.

Dolphin USB portable drive data recovery solutions focus on USB hard drives of different hard drive brands. Dolphin complete USB portable drive data recovery solution contains the following functions and technologies: Read more

WD USB hard drive data recovery is very common case in the data recovery labs worldwide and recently Dolphin Data Lab has received many enquiries on recovering data from their WD my passport hard drives and some my Book drives too. Read more

Dolphin engineer is offering online data recovery training course-how to recover data from western digital USB hard drives.

Users can order this online training course here:

Training time: GMT+8, 8PM, March 11, 2015
Training duration: 1.5 hoursTraining engineer: Liam Dolphin Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is releasing new version of DFL-URE USB 3.0 data recovery tool-DFL-URE V1.2. In the previous versions, we have studied all functions carefully and removed some unnecessary functions and added many new features in this current new version.

Dolphin Data Lab has optimized the URE device registration and driver installation process and users can now install the DFL-URE much more easily. Users just need to go to the DFL-URE installation folder and find the driver folder for 32bit or 64bit Read more

This article is to show the whole process of selective head image on Western Digital USB hard drives.


Capacity: 1TB
Microcode:0006000M Read more