Compatible SATA PCBs for 800041 and 800038 Have been Added

Dolphin team have added the new compatible WD SATA PCBs for the WD USB PCBs of 800041 and 800038 to the WD USB-SATA PCB Package and when users buy the WD USB-SATA PCB package, users will get all the compatible SATA PCBs for the most common USB PCBs including USB PCB 701635, 701675, 771737, 771754, 771761, 771801, 771814, 771817, 771859, 771961, 80038, 800041.

This is the unique and most cost-effective WD USB-SATA PCB packages and users can save so much time and money to get all in one stop to handle many WD USB hdd cases without manually converting the USB interface to SATA.

Users can now order this WD USB-SATA PCB packages here.