Recently Dolphin Data Lab got some request from DFL users to connect SAS hard drives as portable external USB hard drives to use the SAS drives easily.

Special hard drive adapters required to connect SAS hard drives as portable external USB hard drives:

01: HDD USB to SATA Adapter;
02: SATA to SAS Adapter

Steps to connect SAS hard drives as portable external USB hard drives:

01: Connect SAS hard drives to SATA to SAS adapter;
02: Connect SATA to SAS adapter to USB to SATA adapter;
03: Connect USB to SATA adapter to computer.

Video instruction to connect SAS hard drives as portable external USB hard drives here

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Smart Computech has been offering free live demo on Dolphin DFL data recovery tools, for all those who are interested in DFL data recovery tools, this is the best opportunity to learn more and even try to use the tools in person.

Users can contact Smart computech by the following:

Smart Computech (India)

FF-8, Meghdeep Appartment, Opp. Prakash School, Sandesh Press Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad- 380015, India
Phone: 9727421981
Contact : Mr. Jignesh Pankhania
Email :
Skype ID: smart.computech

Users can bring faulty hard drives to test the capabilities of DFL data recovery tools.

Physical hard drive data recovery is usually considered as one of the most difficult data recovery cases. It requires complete knowledge of data recovery from logical, firmware and physical and needs hands on experience.

Physical hard drive data recovery cases contains the following cases: Read more

To recover lost data from busy undetected hard drives belongs to advanced-level data recovery cases. Users must use professional data recovery hardware tools, specially firmware repair tools to get the busy undetected hard drives ready and detected.

When the hard drives are busy and undetected, it can be mostly firmware corruption or head failure and sometimes PCB or ROM failure, if PCB failure, mostly, the PCB is not original PCB. Read more

When users are recovering lost data from WD USB hard drives, it’s very common users meet the encryption problems. It is easier for Dolphin users because Dolphin users can use DFL-URE to recover lost data directly by USB interface even if the hard drives have bad sectors or weak heads. Read more

WD Blue Slim hard drives are more and more common data recovery cases within the data recovery lab. Amoung these cases, the physical cases are most and most cases are contaminated on heads or platters.

This new slim drives are not only ‘slim’ in thickness, but also ‘slim’ in inner space and this make it very difficult to swap heads, if users swap heads in traditional way, it doesn’t work at all or the heads will be destoryed mostly. Read more

Undetected WD USB my passport hard drive recovery is very common data recovery case appearing in many data recovery labs. To recover lost data from USB hard drives, DFL-URE is the ideal data recovery equipment for easy recovery.

This is one WD USB hard drive-My Passport data recovery case study shared by one Australia Dolphin user. Read more

Symptoms: dropped Seagate portable hdd, after remove the external box, it is actually one Seagate SATA 5400.6 hard drive.

Model: ST9500325AS
Head Count: 4 heads
Firmware Version: 0003BSM1 Read more

The client wanted to recover the lost pictures and videos during his traveling to Tibet which was his first time by driving motorcycle and it was wonderful and unforgettable experience for him, so he wants to get those valuable memories back at any cost.

Model: Toshiba MQ01ABB200
Firmware: AY000U
Capacity: 2TB
Head Count: 8 heads Read more

This is one very common failure of USB hard drives, when users try to connect the USB hard drives to PC by USB cable, users get the messages below:

You need to format the disk in Drive I: before you use it. Do you want to format it?
After this message comes out, users cannot enter the drive and view the files inside at all. Read more