Toshiba MQ01ABB200 HDD Data Recovery By DFL-SRP DE

The client wanted to recover the lost pictures and videos during his traveling to Tibet which was his first time by driving motorcycle and it was wonderful and unforgettable experience for him, so he wants to get those valuable memories back at any cost.

Model: Toshiba MQ01ABB200
Firmware: AY000U
Capacity: 2TB
Head Count: 8 heads

Symptom: Dropped hard drive with slight clicking noises

Dolphin engineers received the case and it is one portable Toshiba hard drive, when connecting this portable drive to the pc,the portable drive cannot be detected at all and within my computer, the drive was not displayed either.

Opening the external case, the drive was actually one Toshiba 2TB sata drive with one USB to sata adapter.

The engineer connected this Toshiba drive to DFL SRP USB3.0 for DE, the drive was detected directly, the only issue was a little slow to get ready. When trying to scan the hard drive, found there were many bad sectors due to the weak heads (weak head 0). Running selective head image, disable head 0 and all other heads were imaged very successfully.

Finally engineer went back to image head 0, the engineer can manually adjust the LBAs to image to make sure all good possible sectors are imaged first and then imaged the weak and bad sectors again to ensure a higher success rate of data recovery.

The case takes 4 four days to complete without clean room head swap and over 90% data is recovered and the important files are 99% recovered. For 100% data recovery, a head swap was needed with higher cost, the client didn’t need it.

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