Hard Drive Full Disk Bad Sector Data Recovery

Western Digital hard drive bad sector cases are very common cases during our data recovery lab. For common logical bad sectors, it’s very easy for users who have DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment or DFL-DE USB2.0 start-up recovery tool.

Today we are talking about full disk bad sectors.

Password lock is one of the factors causing full disk bad sectors. When users connect the hard drives and scan the drives, users find full disk bad sectors. So the first thing is to ask the final user of the patient drive if it is locked or not, users can easily use any of the DFL data recovery tools to remove the password in seconds.

Firmware modules’ damage cause full disk bad sectors too. Among all firmware modules, Module 31, 32 damage are the most common modules causing full disk bad sectors. Users can easily use DFL-FRP for WD to regenerate these two modules, as for module 32, users can even easily find one donor module and within the FRP WD program, users can write the current module and automatically check it for correct checksum. Users cannot use simple firmware repair software or some pirated data recovery tools from others which may damage the drives permanently. Some other modules’ damage cause full disk bad sectors too and within Dolphin user manual, we have explained this in great details.

Weak head or single head damage can cause full disk bad sectors. Within DFL-DDP USB3.0 tool, users can use head map editing in RAM and replace the head virtually with the neighbor head taking care of the same platter so that the full disk bad sector problems can be fixed and then the lost data can be extracted directly by DDP.

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