This is one successful Western Digital hard drive data recovery case study from one DFL user in Canada.

The patient HDD ID:

Model number: WD10EZRX-00A3KB0
Capacity: 1TB

Failure Symptom:
Undetected hdd;
Spin up and down

Hdd repair tool and data recovery tools used in this case study:
DFL-WD hdd repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

hdd repair and data recovery steps:

01: Short to enter DFL-WD hdd repair software;
02: Backup rom and disable 02;
03: Firmware restart and re-enter the software;
04: Backup important firmware modules;
05: Fix slow issue;
06: Fix spin up and down issue;
07: Enable 02;
08: Firmware restart;
09: Enter DFL-DDP data recovery software and all the lost partitions and folders were recovered.

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There’re many Western Digital patient hard drives suffering bad sectors in the service area and users cannot operate on the firmware modules properly. At this time, if the firmware modules are corrupted, the patient drives become undetected, the data area becomes inaccessible, what to do to get the lost data back?

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users can swap the heads and the firmware area can be read properly. Some heavy drives or drives with multiple platters require adaptive rom to write to enhance heads’ read and write capabilities.

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users can use hot swap method by DFL-WD hdd repair tool to read original firmware modules and then use hot swap method again to recover lost data from original drives. The key is to find one good donor drive.

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users need to change the module size by DFL-WD firmware repair tool to bypass the bad sectors, this one is very helpful, no need to find donor head or donor hard drive;

For some WD hdd recovery cases, users can shift the bad sector firmware module by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool to one free good track without bad sectors and users can write the good module to the new track selected.

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With DFL-WD hard drive firmware repair tool, users can easily recover the lost data from Western Digital Hikvision DVR password protected hard drives.

The patient hard drive in this article was one Western Digital SMR hard drive, 2TB, PCB-810011.

When users connect the patient hard drives to computers or data recovery hardware, the data area was not accessible, the firmware area was locked too.

To recover the lost data from the Western Digital Hikvision DVR hard drive, users need to remove the firmware lock by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool and then within the WD hdd firmware repair software, there’s one function to remove the dvr password for this patient hard drive.

After fixing the DVR password protection issue, users can make best use of the original PCB to recover the lost data by DFL-DDP data recovery equipment.

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When users are recovering lost data from WD USB hard drives, it’s very common users meet the encryption problems. It is easier for Dolphin users because Dolphin users can use DFL-URE to recover lost data directly by USB interface even if the hard drives have bad sectors or weak heads. Read more

This is another successful hdd repair case study to repair western digital WD3200AVVS-62L2B0-WCAV16752981 hard drives automatically by DFL Auto HDD repair tool.

Model     :  WD3200A
FW Rev    :  03.04E03
S/N       :  WD-WCAV14187751
Capacity  :  298GB(625142448)
Cylinders :  16383  Heads:  16  SPT:  63 Read more

Errors! All heads are bad! End of test!

This error is one common error appearing during the western digital hard drive auto repair by DFL PCIe Auto Servo. The following are detailed error report:

Current FW Rev   = 5C.3GG
Family Selected: SPIDER
Family  : SPIDER
Choice  FW Rev   = 005C003GFW Rev  :      005C003G Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has launched the customers’ data recovery success plan to help all customers using our tools for success in their hdd repair and data recovery success,even if it’s a minor step we can help move forward, we will feel happy and proud we are doing this to our customers. Read more

The following hdd repair tips and steps are created for WD ROYL HDDs and based on the latest WD HDD firmware repair tool-DFL-WDII. ATA regeneration is one hdd repair feature of DFL-WDII. Read more