DFL-WD II User Manual Version 2.4 Is Available Now

Dolphin Data Lab has just updated its user manual of DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool to its latest version-version 2.4 which is properly configured with the latest DFL-WDII latest program.

Within manual v2.4, we’ve added many more explainations on the WD important firmware modules including both modules which are often damaged and required to repair for getting the hard drives ready and make it possible to recover the lost data.

Users can learn from the new manual how to repair and recover lost data from undetected but ready WD hdds, from busy and undetected hard drives, from clicking and undetected hard drives due to firmware corruption.Users can also learn how to regenerate P-list in different mothods, how to configure by themselves the ARCO scripts for running different ARCO optimizations at one button,how to regenerate ROM for PCB 1640 and newer series, how to fix PCB 1698 loader problems, etc.

Dolphin Data Lab has added many functions to DFL-WDII and the new manual has one core concept telling users they must understand very clearly about each function and understand more about hdd repair and data recovery processes.Before users are using the functions, you should be clear if that function will affect the data or not.

The only purpose of all our continued hard work is to offer our users a possibility of acquiring higher success rate than with any other tools.

Existing DFL-WD II users can download this manual V2.4 from our user-only data recovery forum and new users can get both the new user manuals and new program in the DVD within the shipment package.