DFL-FRP for Seagate Is Now Upgraded Greatly To V1.4

Dolphin Data Lab feels proud to announce that our DFL-FRP for Seagate has had a major upgrade with many more new firmware repair functions to V1.4.

New functions added again on April 18:

01: LBA-CHS, it’s easy for users to find out the head locations of bad sectors like DFL-WD;
02: SYS file read/write by ATA ports are added

Let’s have a preview of the DFL-ST new functions:

1, F3 Sys file list, read and write functions are added, this is to help fix some failures caused by sys files’ damage or missing, such as SIM Error 1009, etc; F3 sys file read by COM is added too.

2, F3 hdd track test function is added and users can test quickly if the track is readable or writable by COM port;

3, F3 common FW write function is added, this makes things easier to repair Seagate F3 drives with firmware failures, this function can be used for either hdd refurbishing or data recovery; Dolphin Data Lab has prepared the common firmware resources within the program; (In the future upgrade, we will add generate common F3 firmware) and then all F3 firmware failures can be fixed easily;

4, Defect log file generation is added when scanning the defects;

5, Adding defects according to the defect log file to p-list is added;

6, F3 P-list editing function is added, users can manually edit the Plist easily and delete abnormal-non-SF defects to fix some hdd bad sector issue, sometimes, partial sector access can be caused by abnormal defects too;

7, Format with p-list, format with g-list, sector zero fill, adding bad sectors to defect list, color blocks clearing functions are added for F3 hdd refurbishing;

8, Resetting to factory setting, firmware selftest and format SA are added;

9, To stop the F3 initialization is added and has optimized the initialization algorithm;

10, Clearing NG list is optimized, easier and faster;

11, Support to the new F3 4kb structured drives are optimized;

12, Status display of LED indicators and the software status registers are optimized;

13, Software codes optimization and the program works more stably;

14, To stop the operation is optimized and users can stop some operations quickly.

15, Some more logs and error messages are added or optimized so that users know more clearly what is happening with the tool.

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working hard to create more new functions and will release them in the future upgrades of DFL-FRP for Seagate.