Dolphin New Upgrade on DFL Seagate Firmware Repair Program V1.7 is Available

Dolphin Data Lab is now releasing the new software upgrade program DFL ST V1.7 and all Dolphin users with Seagate hdd firmware repair tool can download this new software for free.

Users of DFL PCIe for Seagate, DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Seagate can both use this new software easily by simply downloading and installing the all in one setup software.
What’s new with this new DFL Seagate hdd repair program:

1, F3 ROM read and write algorithm further enhancement, both ROM read and write have a high speed working performance, even by COM mode, users don’t need to short connect at all to read and write ROM successfully;
2, Reading RAM within boot mode is added;
3, F3 CP editing is added. Besides, the CP read/write capability is enhanced;
4, Direct ROM editing is added;
5, More F3 families’ terminal unlock are supported;
6, LOD generation is greatly improved for wider supported;
7, ROM read and write by COM is greatly improved;
8, Loading ATA to RAM is added to fix many cases easily and get data back;
9, Editing ID in RAM is added, this one is very helpful to fix some very bad drives, users just need to edit ID in RAM and the hdd goes to ready for data recovery;
10, SYS file searching and read/write improvement;
11, 7200.10 and older families’ better support on Firmware operations and repairing;
12, The program is working more smoothly and stably.

Dolphin team are working hard to add more functions for both hdd repair and data recovery. Any more question is welcome to or add Dolphin skype ID: