Dolphin New Upgrade on DFL-DDP V1.665 is Available

To recover more data and to make all Dolphin users more successful is always the target for all Dolphin team members and Dolphin team have been working very hard to release this new software upgrade for DFL DDP data recovery program-V1.665.

All DDP users can download this new software upgrade for free from Dolphin user-only forum here.Dolphin users of DFL-SRP for DE, DFL-PCIe for DE, DFL-DDP and DFL-DE can make best use of this new software and get more lost data back at higher efficiency.

What’s new within this DFL-DDP V1.665?

1, Users can extract lost data by selective heads, users can extract all files from good heads first and then bad heads;
2, When users connects good hdd with data as taget disk for image purpose, the program is able to write the data from the source drive to the target drive successfully. Anyway, as one target hdd, it’s suggested to connect it after making sure the target hdd doesn’t contain any important data;
3, NTFS lost data scanning further improvement;
4, Local VHD detection has been fixed;
5, Single sector read by DDP has been fixed;
6, MFT scanning further improvement and this one is specially helpful even when the MFT is damaged;
7, File size display has one now new format by B/KB/MB/GB;
8, Compressed file extraction issue has been fixed;
9, Improve the stop function during image;
10, Image ability on faulty drives is further enhanced.

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