Dolphin Remote Technique Support System is Online Now

Dolphin team has completed the data recovery online remote technique support system and it is now available for all Dolphin users to apply for remote support and get professional and proper support.Technique support after getting Dolphin data recovery tools is one of the biggest advantages for Dolphin Data Lab over any other competitors because we trust the user’ success is Dolphin’s success. Dolphin team are getting more and more new users worldwide and Dolphin support engineers need to improve their working efficiency to support users quickly at higher success rate.

Dolphin remote support system official entrance here.

With this remote support system, users need to offer personal info, HDD ID including Model, PCB number, Brand, Symptoms (Spinning or not, busy or ready, IDed or not), what important data is needed, location, type and size of the important data, DFL port of hdd connected to and which product is being used. After these information is collected, the support engineer can easily go ahead and find out the solution in the first time.

But one thing is important, users need to remember data recovery is one field requires enough hands-on practice and users need to spend time in learning on how to  use those tools to reocover different data recovery cases. Users cannot depend on Dolphin remote support system to start or even run a data recovery business, this will be completely wrong.  Many cases cannot be completed online, for example, physical head and platter and PCB and Chip swap cases and Dolphin engineers need to support all users worldwide and this support system is for urgent cases only. For common technique questions, users can email to us or post questions in our support forum and Dolphin support engineers will answer as soon as possible.

Any more question is welcome to or add Dolphin skype ID: