Data recovery business is not simple investment that you invest and get return, it’s not one simple business you get data recovery tools and you earn, it is one serious high-tech field asking much on time and patience to learn and practize. To succeed in this field, users need some system work, not single work. Read more

Dolphin team has completed the data recovery online remote technique support system and it is now available for all Dolphin users to apply for remote support and get professional and proper support. Read more

Data recovery tools are not like common IT tools  users can use easily to fix different data recovery cases. Data recovery is one serious art, it requires users to have good knowledge to understand the data recovery process, understand the data recovery tools and the storage medias you are going to recover  data from.  It’s not possible to get all these knowledge by yourself. Many people want to start a data recovery business and they are selecting different data recovery tools and therefore this article will help a lot. Read more