How To Fix Data Loss By System Error and Bad Tracks

It’s necessary to learn how to analyze the hard drive failure and the find a correct and fast way to get the lost data back.

The following is to discuss the system error and bad tracks causing data loss.

Fix Data Loass Caused By System Error

The main symptom is that you cannot enter the system or the system is abnormal where the computer closes down. There are complex reasons for this and the need to adopt different processing methods is used to repair these problems.

The key file of the system is lost or corrupted, the disk has bad tracks or sectors, the drive is damaged, the MBR or DBR is lost, and the CMOS setting is incorrect. There is a number of reasons why the drive is no longer accessible by the computer. That is why it is important to analyze the hard drive to determine the exact cause of the drive failure before starting to fix these problems.

Fix Bad Track on the Hard Drive:

The drive contains logical and physical bad tracks. Logical bad tracks is mainly caused by incorrect operations to the disk and can be restored using software methods.

Physical bad tracks is caused by physical damage or real damage. The data can be restored by changing the partition or sector.

For above logical error, users can usually use DFL-DE data recovery tool to recover the lost data.

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