Online Data Recovery Training On DFL-WDII and DFL-DE Data Recovery Tools

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and DFL-DE data recovery tool have been in the market for some time, especially DFl-WDII, this tool has been well tested and proved quite effective and efficient in repairing and recovering western digital hard drives. DFL-DE has been  over 1 month old and working well too. The new version of DFL-DE is to be expected next month with more powerful data recovery functions.

Based on these two data recovery tools, we’re preparing some online training courses to help all our clients maximize their data recovery  and hdd repair success rate.

The initial online training contents are planned as following:

Simple Intro. About DFL data recovery tools;

  • Repairing HDD Bad Sectors Using DFL-WDII;
  • Few Bad Sectors: ARCO 46 Optimization; Logical Scan and Add To P-list;
  • A lot of bad sectors: ARCO Optimization; Selftest; Write Common Repair Firmware and Selftest;
  • Bad sectors in SA: how to fix bad sectors in SA; data recovery from hdd with bad sectors in SA;
  • Successive bad sectors: How to kill zones, how to cut hdd heads.

Firmware Repair By DFL-WDII HDD Repair Tool

  1. 0 or Wrong Capacity Detected;
  2. Clicking WD hdd repair and recovery: Force Loading; Firmware Extraction From Tracks;
  3. XYZ Error Fixing

Time for Free Questions and Answers;

DFl-WDII and DFL-DE Upgrade and New Tools To be Developed by Us

If clients of DFL-WDII and DFL-DE are interested in learning some other knowledge or case studies, please kindly email to us at and we will consider changing the online training contents or add to the existing training courses.

Once we finished the online training contents and will keep clients updated about the training dates and how to attend the online training course.