It’s always a big headache to recover data from WD black clicking drives, specially WD800JD-00M8A1 WD black Caviar hard drives with 2 heads.

Many times we find the donor hard drives with even the same label ID information, but after we put the donor heads onto the patient drive, the patient drives keep clicking. For this kind of drives, if working on them repeatedly without success, it’s easy to create scratches on the platters and making cases worse and even unrecoverable. Read more

Dolphin engineer is offering online data recovery training course-how to recover data from western digital USB hard drives.

Users can order this online training course here:

Training time: GMT+8, 8PM, March 11, 2015
Training duration: 1.5 hoursTraining engineer: Liam Dolphin Read more

Dolphin Data Lab starts recently online data recovery training courses teaching people who are new to data recovery field on how to have one clear data recovery field and start a data recovery business successfully.

Dolphin Data Lab has recorded the online data recovery training courses and will share with all Dolphin users.

This online data recovery training courses focus on the key elements to make a success in data recovery: Read more

Many people have asked repeated questions on how to start a data recovery business successfully and therefore Dolphin Data Lab has decided to prepare a set of free online data recovery training courses to teach those who are new to this field.

Within these free online data recovery training courses, Dolphin Data Lab will explain to users with proper knowledge to understand different hard drives’ structure, firmware structure, different data recovery cases we may have in the data recovery labs, different failures of hard drives. Dolphin Data Lab will also suggest you the right and necessary data recovery tools to go with in the initial stage. Read more

Hello to all DFL-WDII and DFL-DE users,

This is Stanley Morgan from Dolphin Data Lab and I am glad to keep you updated about the coming events this Saturday to meet our developing data recovery engineers of DFL-WDII and DFL-DE online. Read more

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and DFL-DE data recovery tool have been in the market for some time, especially DFl-WDII, this tool has been well tested and proved quite effective and efficient in repairing and recovering western digital hard drives. DFL-DE has been  over 1 month old and working well too. The new version of DFL-DE is to be expected next month with more powerful data recovery functions. Read more