Offline Data Recovery Tools vs Online Data Recovery Tools

Many users were recently asking about the difference between offline data recovery tools and online data recovery tools and asked also why Dolphin team haven’t offered online data recovery tools and in this article, Dolphin team will give one clear answer to these questions.

All data recovery tools and solutions Dolphin offer to users worldwide are offline data recovery tools. Once users bought the tools from Dolphin Data Lab, the tools belong completely to the users, Dolphin team cannot monitor or track or do any other operations on the tools by any online methods. All dolphin data recovery tools are green coded without any backdoor design, without any unsafe codes to users. As for users, this is totally safe and trusted for privacy and sensitive data security.

Offline data recovery tools don’t depend on internet and can work independently with computers, all windows 7 or newer windows operating systems are supported. However, internet is a must for online data recovery tools, no internet, no use and for online data recovery tools, they usually have one host server and users need to be restricted to the host server performance. If the host server is corrupted or infected by virus, the users will get big problems too. Besides, by internet, the users’ data and privacy information has high risk of loss and being exposed to unauthorized partities.

This is why Dolphin team don’t create and don’t offer online data recovery tools and all Dolphin users can use Dolphin data recovery tools with absolute confidence.

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