Upgrade Yourself for Higher Data Recovery Success Rate in Summer Holiday 2017

Summer holiday 2017 is coming and many Dolphin users worldwide have entered the holiday and planned the family travel. However in this world of competition, are you planning more for your business career or bigger success in one high-level-entry field such as data recovery?

As for Dolphin team, summer holiday is luxury and Dolphin team will spend the whole holiday for more research and development on new data recovery technologies and new data recovery tools. Some people asked why Dolphin team could grow so fast and popular. There’s no secret actually, if there is, the only secret is that Dolphin team work harder.

Many Dolphin users have one or two months’ summer holiday, this period is really long within which people can learn and practice a lot of things. Dolphin team has prepare special summer offer, advanced data recovery training courses and more data recovery videos and documents for all Dolphin users and all those who are new to data recovery or who are not yet Dolphin users. By this period, all people are welcome to visit Dolphin head office in China, we can sit together, discuss together, plan for a greater futher and succeed together in data recovery field.

If users visit Dolphin head office, users can learn the top data recovery technologies, tools and can learn how to recover lost data from scratched hard drives.

China has become one big and international country with international and compatible cultures, people can come safely, stay confortably and leave happily.

If you are ready to come to visit Dolphin head office in China, want to start your new data recovery adventure, Dolphin team are here with you in this Summer holiday 2017.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab